ScriptLock XSS

The code execution prevention system for JavaScript


How valuable is your data?

Someday soon a hacker will get past your cross site scripting (XSS) filters and successfully inject JavaScript onto your website.

Once in, they can use JavaScript to manipulate your website and extract valuable information.


Harden your website with ScriptLock!

ScriptLock is a unique code execution prevention mechanism for JavaScript which hardens your pages against the effects of Reflected, Persistent and Self-XXS.

ScriptLock disarms JavaScript and prevents unwanted code from modifying your pages, including browser add-ons.

ScriptLock is ideal for protecting pages with user submitted active content.

ScriptLock is simple to implement and works on the latest versions of the leading browsers, including Internet Explorer 8, 9, Safari 5.1, Chrome 18 and Firefox 6.0+, meaning 78% of your users could be protected*.


Prevent data leakage

ScriptLock targets and wraps dead-locked security around the vulnerable parts of JavaScript that permit hackers to modify your webpages or transmit data from your website.

Only the code you write is allowed to access the vulnerable functions. ScriptLock can be configured to warn you and your users when an unauthorised attempt is made to modify your webpage or to transmit data.


Bring peace of mind to your users

ScriptLock is free to use if you are a non-profit making organisation, so there is no reason to delay in bringing peace of mind to yourself and your users.

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